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Ronning Landscaping is a family owned business started in 1972 by Mike Ronning. After moving to the valley in 1972 from Montana, Mike was searching for a way to make a living for his young family. It turns out that landscaping was the career choice that interested that best interested and suited him and his family. Quite a climate and career change from Montana and working on the railroad, he was determined to make it work. Mike started doing small residential cleanups and repairs. From there it grew into the business that is is today employing 90 full-time employees. Some of those employees have been with the company over ten years.

Mikes oldest son Michael is in charge of all the field operations. Starting in 1992 he worked summers until graduating from high school. After graduation, he decided to make a career out of it, making his way from laborer to foreman and finally Vice-President of Operations. Mike’s daughter Cheryl, now in her 18th year handles all of our sales, not to mention anything else nobody wants to do. She does and will do anything needed or asked. Mikes other son Robert started out with the company in 1997 doing estimating and running errands. He is now in charge of the company’s finances and Human Resources. Michael’s wife Jennifer started working for the company in 2002 in the estimating department and now runs the department that works closely with Cheryl to bring the business in the door. Javier Gonzales worked himself up through the ranks from laborer to a project manager. He recently got his citizenship. Congratulations Javier! Vince Russel is our other project manager working in his first year with us; he is doing a great job. We couldn’t do what we do without all of our employees, they are truly valuable assets.

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